Interpersonal Skills Development & SOCIAL STYLE

What’s the key to business success? More than a great product, a unique angle or a winning strategy, successful businesses begin with successful individuals and teams.

We all know people are not as easy to manage as projects. They’re complex. Diverse. Prone to conflict. So what’s the secret? Equip your people to understand each other’s behaviors, and they will be better able to work effectively together, creating a high performance workplace.

Thousands of organizations and millions of people have used SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility to improve workplace performance.

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most effective interpersonal effectiveness model. It is easy to understand and apply which means individuals and organizations can quickly improve productivity simply by understanding the four SOCIAL STYLEs: Driving, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical. In fact, recent independent research found SOCIAL STYLE more effective than Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC.

Read research findings about the four unique SOCIAL STYLES.

A key element of the SOCIAL STYLE Model is the concept of Versatility.  This is a measurement of ability to work productively with others.  A person’s Versatility is a better predictor of business success than their Style.  

Read more about Versatility.

Click here for a SOCIAL STYLE FAQ.

Apply It to Your Organization: Profiles & Courses

Identify your SOCIAL STYLE and level of Versatility using a variety of TRACOM instruments, and learn the skills to create an open, candid corporate culture. Choose from self- or multi-rater profiles, and paper-based or online questionnaires. The profiles are offered as stand-alone instruments or as part of a class. Courses are available in a variety of delivery formats to meet your company’s specific needs.

Learn about SOCIAL STYLE Profiles
Learn about SOCIAL STYLE Courses

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