Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Training - The Third-Generation EQ Model

Our brain is highly complex, and the emotional side vastly outweighs the rational side. In essence, the emotional brain controls us, while the rational brain is too often left to contemplate our actions in retrospect.

Take a look at TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model

Our emotions tend to be negative more often than positive. We fear the worst, and we look for danger in the midst of change. We act impulsively without considering natural consequences. All of this occurs subconsciously because of the way our brain functions. But where these natural tendencies helped us survive in the past, our brain’s function is not a great fit for the challenges in the modern workplace.

Efforts to develop emotional intelligence have shown that EQ skills significantly correlate with improved leadership performance, improved sales and more successful recruiting. TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model offers a way to understand our emotions and those of others. With that understanding, we can control our emotions, influence others and achieve greater success. As the third-generation Emotional Intelligence model, Behavioral EQ draws on years of research to present practical and actionable strategies for putting EQ to work in meaningful ways. Behavioral EQ training focuses on real people achieving real results in the real world.

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