Amiable Style


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50 years of research has documented four unique SOCIAL STYLEs.  Each Style is defined by observable patterns of behavior.  Understanding these patterns and each Style’s preferences results in more productive interactions. 

Snapshot of the Amiable Style

People with an Amiable Style openly display their feelings to others.  They appear less demanding and generally more agreeable than others. They are interested in achieving a rapport with others who often describe them as informal, casual and easy going. 

  • Amiable Style Need: Personal Security 
  • Amiable Style Orientation: Relationships
  • Amiable Growth Action: To Initiate

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ABCs of the Amiable Style 

A. Actions Toward Others 

The Amiable Style is the most “people oriented” of the four Styles. To this Style, people count as people rather
than a way to achieve results or recognition. The Amiable person prefers cooperating or collaborating with
others to competing with them.

B. Best Use of Time

The Amiable Style person tends to move slowly with less time discipline. They prefer to avoid direct
confrontations. They want time for small talk and socializing before moving to the matter at hand.

C. Customary Approach to Decisions-Making

The Amiable Style person values the input of others. Their decision-making process can be influenced by
others. They are not risk-takers and attempt to reduce risk by ensuring actions will not damage ongoing
personal relationships. 

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