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David Collins to Speak at LearningCon 2016

TRACOM’s VP and General Manager of Sales has been selected to speak at the LearningCon conference, November 7-8th In Las Vegas.

What is LearningCon?

“LearningCon 2016 will arm today’s HR and training professionals with proven methods for leveraging technology and applying cutting-edge strategies to enhance organizational performance.  Tap into the training trends that today’s pioneers swear by, and learn how you can help your employees be better prepared, more engaged, and able to produce twice the work in half the time. LearningCon 2016 is your blueprint for developing a winning L&D program to support business growth and workforce retention!” Learn more here.

David’s presentation gives us insight into innovations in neuroscience research and what this research tells us about the future path of learning design. Key points of his presentation include:

  • Major breakthroughs in the study of neuroscience
  • How to synthesize this research into actionable learning design
  • Examples of neuroscience in training
  • Experience the power first hand

He will be discussing the various biases that we have that get in the way of our ability to succeed at work, but how neuroscience has taught us about the plasticity of our brains and their ability to change. Such change is brought on through awareness of these biases.

TRACOM’s research in neuroscience has proven great insight into learning and development and has been the backbone of our Agility and Resiliency programs. To learn more about agility training or resiliency training click here.

David has been in the training and development field for nearly 20 years and has experience in technology training, leadership development, e-learning, recruitment selection and succession planning. Having managed the growth of TRACOM’s product offerings, he has helped develop new courses and guides to apply SOCIAL STYLE concepts to the other elements of Social Intelligence. He is a frequent author and speaker on leadership and development and has worked with fast-growing companies such as LearningByte International and ePredix.

Attending LearningCon 2016 allows attendees to “learn practical strategies for implementing L&D and training programs designed specifically for today’s multi-generational, tech-savvy workforce and discover proven ways to supercharge employee engagement through creative, tech-based solutions, such as gamification.”

If you are interested in learning more about the 2016 LearningCon conference click here.

To learn more about agility research and resiliency focused research click here.

To learn more about Unlocking Personal Agility or Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency click here.

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