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Dr. Casey Mulqueen Discusses Social Intelligence

TRACOM’s Senior Director of Learning & Development talks about overcoming our biases and moving to higher performance in this three-minute video.

“I describe Social Intelligence with three words. Think, act, react.  Thinking, behavior and emotions are the things that people need to pay attention to in the modern era and the modern world. Things are changing so fast as things like artificial intelligence start to come online.  What’s going to differentiate people who are successful from other people are the things that actually make us most human or social intelligence skills.”

“There are four things that go into our social intelligence.  Resilience or the ability to respond effectively to the changing world we face.  Emotional intelligence is understanding our emotions and those of others.  Agility is our ability proactively create change and new ways of thinking and acting.   And finally our behavioral style, the way we behave and modifying our behavior to build productive relationships with others.” 

“People are not naturally adept at these skills.  In fact, our brains actually work against us in these areas.  But by learning about naturally occurring biases, we can change how we think, act and react.”

“Becoming socially intelligent isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s really just about changing daily habits, little things.”