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The Power of Versatility

Featured Webcast: The Power of Versatility

Strategies to Create High-Performing Relationships! Improve Interpersonal Effectiveness for Influence, Credibility and Success.  

Versatility – The Power In the SOCIAL STYLE Model

Versatility is the best predictor of success and the key to boosting interpersonal effectiveness in the real world, whether at work, at home or in any social setting. Versatile employees know how to leverage the strengths of their own Style while recognizing and responding in appropriate ways to others’ unique Styles.

So how do you know if the things you are “doing for others” are meeting their needs while also helping you achieve yours? When people interact with one another, they consciously and subconsciously observe and evaluate each other’s behaviors. TRACOM’s research has shown that the behaviors others often evaluate can be categorized into four broad areas: Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback. The impact of your behavior on others in these four areas is called Versatility.

A Versatility study shows that individuals who score high in Versatility demonstrate greater success in key workplace skills like managing conflict, developing positive relationships, and communicating effectively with others. Managers with higher Versatility perform better in critical business areas:

  • 27% better at leading teams
  • 25% better at coaching others
  • 19% more likely to be promoted

Led by TRACOM’s David Collins and guest speaker Mark Saine of TIAA.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why understanding your SOCAL STYLE is the key to becoming more Versatile
  • How to build interpersonal skills for high-performaing relationships
  • The science behind the behavioral styles and how other perceive us
  • How to be influential in achieving your goals while supporting the needs of others
  • Strategies for improving Versatile behavior in any situation
  • What industries are thriving in Versatility and which need to improve
  • The role HR can play in improving organizational Versatility

Watch the on-demand webcast here: https://www.tracomcorp.com/blog/demand-versatility-webcast/

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