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OnDemand Webcast: Resiliency is a Foundational Skill in Today's Workplace

HCI Webcast: Resiliency is a Foundational Skill in Today’s Workplace

How do we manage our emotions and behaviors when we experience the obstacles and challenges thrust upon us by society and business?

One major bank found the answer in Resiliency, the foundational skill most required to deal with change, improve leadership, drive engagement and enhance diversity and inclusiveness.

Join TRACOM and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) on Thursday, May 3, at 1:00 pm ET for this dynamic conversation between the CEO of a leading resiliency training company and the forward-thinking L&D executive who’s deployed resiliency training to great effect. They’ll discuss the power of teaching this foundational skill at the individual level, and how that leads to lasting change at the organizational level.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What’s a “resilient mindset” and why it should be a priority for you
  • The science of stress, change and the biases we all have
  • How one company teaches resiliency to grow through change
  • Strategies that build resiliency at the individual level
  • Positive outcomes delivered by resilient employees, regardless of generation

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