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New LinkedIn Showcase Pages Highlighting TRACOM’s Social Intelligence Components

In addition to TRACOM’s LinkedIn company page and interest group page, TRACOM has launched four pages using LinkedIn’s Showcase pages:

The newly created Showcase pages give users the opportunity to quickly learn more about the different programs. Interested in SOCIAL STYLE and Emotional Intelligence, but not so much Resiliency? No problem – just follow the pages you want to follow to receive information regarding those specific programs. Such information will include product information as well as related content (sometimes third party) to the program of interest.  By visiting a Showcase page you can quickly get up to speed on the latest updates specific to your interests.

Learn how SOCIAL STYLE Model™ supports specific job roles including managers, sales and individual contributors.

These programs allow users to take Style and Versatility training one step further, develop Emotional Intelligence skills which have proven to enhance leadership performance, improve sales, and leads to more successful recruiting, and enhance Mindset through Resiliency training, giving participants insights into not only bouncing back from adversity, but bouncing forward.

In addition to these core programs we have established TRACOM Cares, a program which supports academic and non-profit institutions through discounted program pricing. Giving back to the community is something we see to be our social and ethical responsibility. Over the previous three years TRACOM has donated more than $600K in support of academic and non-profit efforts

Please join the LinkedIn Showcase pages (SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ, Adaptive Mindset, and TRACOM Cares) that you are a fan of or have interest in. Feel free to interact with these pages as we are always looking to enhance our programs to the needs of the users.

To learn more about these programs visit our website or contact us at 303-470-4900 or email us.


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