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New Social Intelligence Webinar

On September 24, 2014 TRACOM will be hosting a free live webinar: The Killer CEO: How Leaders Influence Their Organizations for Good or Evil at 11am ET.

This interactive online event will provide a deeper understanding of:

  • Techniques for coping with stress and how to avoid worker fatigue as well as promote productivity and company culture.
  • How to motivate your employees to be high-performing and innovative, as well as adaptive to change.
  • What tools can be used today to develop a highly adaptive workplace environment.

Register now.

This event will be hosted by Dr. Casey Mulqueen and Dr. Natalie Wolfson. They will delve into the latest research on organizational performance and will provide a roadmap for success in today’s business environment.

The investments that companies make in developing functional skills, delegation skills, and process training often become obsolete before the benefits are achieved. Leaders need to establish a culture of innovation and adaptability by focusing on Social Intelligence. Social Intelligence is the three key elements of personal success: Behaviors, Emotions and Mindset. Developing these elements will separate the thrivers, the survivors and the departed of tomorrow.

Take part in this live webinar to be a part of the discussion on Social Intelligence and it’s impacts on business success.

Register now and submit advance questions on organizational performance here.

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