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New Webinar – The Agile Organization Starts with Agile People

Register Here for the Agility Webinar.

Navigating change is hard. Creating change is even harder, but in order to thrive the ability to generate and implement positive change is essential.

Agile companies grow 37% faster and generate 30% more profits.

If you need to build an agile and innovative organization, join TRACOM for an agility focused webinar October 20, at noon ET. 

Register Here for the Agility Webinar.

We define agility as the capacity to recognize, create and exploit opportunities in a changing environment. Agile companies foster innovation and evolve more successfully than their competitors by capitalizing on opportunities emerging around them.

Agility means more opportunities are discovered.  And more ideas are generated AND they are better evaluated, championed and implemented. Although new structures and processes are important parts of achieving agility, organizations often forget that agility truly begins and ends with their people.

The webinar will cover:

  • The key elements of personal and organizational agility
  • Strategies for improving agility
  • Techniques for evaluating and improving your own agility

Attendees will also receive a new organizational agility whitepaper and the opportunity for their own Personal Agility Profile.

This webinar is for those in Learning & Development; Sales Leadership roles; project management professionals or anyone responsible for creating organizational change.

Register Here for the Agility Webinar.

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