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U of Minnesota Business Conference to Address Entrepreneurial Resilience

TRACOM’s David Collins to Speak at Phoenix Rising Event

Are entrepreneurs born or made?  And what gives some people the ability to work through challenges or failure to build successful businesses?  These and other questions will be addressed at the upcoming Phoenix Rising Event being held Wednesday, May 20th at the University of Minnesota. This one day conference is centered on the ability to be adaptive to change and to be resilient when failures arise.  TRACOM co-owner and general manager, David Collins is a featured speaker.

“In Greek mythology the Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically reborn.  Quite frequently in entrepreneurship and innovation the individual that is able to rise from the ashes of their previous failure finds success.  But rebirth can only occur when the individual demonstrates the resilience to stand again and the community around them supports their effort.  We hope that The Phoenix Rising Event can help us in building that resilience and in creating that supportive community.”

– Phoenix Rising Event

David’s presentation titled, “Building the Right Mindset: The Resilient Personality,” will give insights into the reasons people struggle with change and will provide advice and techniques to not just bounce back during times of adversity, but bounce forward to even greater success. A high level of stress has become the new norm and this leads to many people feeling overwhelmed. Based on the latest research on brain function, this presentation will focus on techniques entrepreneurs and innovators can use to improve their own resiliency and that of their organization.

David joined TRACOM in 2003 to lead the company’s direct salesforce and network of resellers and consultants. He subsequently became part of a team that bought the company and has led the development of new products and entry to new markets.  David has been in the training and development field since 1989, including work in technology training, leadership development, e-learning, recruitment selection and succession planning.

According to the Phoenix Rising website, “While we intellectually understand that failure is an integral part of innovation; for many, it is still hard to accept in real life.  If you let it, failure can stop you from becoming successful and thus it becomes the defining conclusion.  On the other hand these setbacks can become the strongest qualification for a future success.”

TRACOM is excited and proud that David has been chosen to speak at the first of what is expected to be an annual gathering.

Learn more about Phoenix Rising and register for the event here.

Learn more about Resiliency here or watch our Tell Me More – Resilient Mindset video below.

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