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Upcoming Webinar: Using EQ Training to Change Behavior & Reshape Healthcare at Penn State Health

Penn State Health System is sharpening the emotional intelligence of its leaders to reshape how they deliver care in an empathetic, productive way.

Led by L&D trailblazer Michelle Duncan, the organization is going beyond most contemporary training—simply offering an understanding of emotional intelligence and how it affects us—to focus on behaviors. She believes a self-awareness of EQ is critical, but changing behavior as a result is the only way to become more effective.

Join us Thursday, August 2 at 11:00 am ET for a lively discussion on how Penn State Health embeds Behavioral EQ into its leadership development programs to change the mindset of healthcare professionals and enhance their interactions with colleagues and patients. You’ll learn:

  • How emotional intelligence drives leadership performance
  • What to consider when evaluating EQ assessments and training
  • How to turn emotional understanding into behavior change

Register here.


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