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Compare Your Industry’s Style & Versatility

TRACOM has released a new series of infographics that looks at the interpersonal skills in various industries. Each infographic shows the percentage of people with each of the four SOCIAL STYLEs and the relative Versatility of that industry compared to others. There is also a discussion about why that industry might appeal to the different SOCIAL STYLEs.

Some of the interesting data discussed include:

  • Expressive Style people outnumber Driving Style employees more than 2.5 to one in the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Education and healthcare have the highest average Versatility of the 27 industries analyzed.
  • While both the entertainment/leisure industry and retail rely on providing good customer service, the Versatility of entertainment/leisure ranked much higher than in retail.
  • You might expect that Analytical Style employees would be most common in the Financial Services industry, but there are actually more Expressive Style people.
  • Only 8% of employees in utilities are Amiable. This is smallest representation of any Style in any industry.

Take a look at any of the infographics below for a detailed breakdown of your industry:

Don’t see your industry? Contact us and let us know your industry and contact information. We’ll send you the data.

Accounting Aerospace Banking & Finance
Business Industry Computer & Technology Consulting
Consumer Products Education Entertainment/Leisure
Extractive/Energy  Government Healthcare
Insurance Legal Manufacturing
Media Non-Profit Pharmaceutical
Marketing/Advertising Retail Telecommunications
Transportation  Utilities