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Resiliency training is about developing the skills to overcome the natural, counterproductive tendencies we have all developed over the centuries that get in the way of personal success. For example, we are naturally wired to process information with a negativity bias, subconsciously assuming the worst. As another example, many people have a natural tendency to catastrophize small problems, bringing about strong emotional responses to minor adversities. These natural tendencies impact our workplace productivity, employee morale and even company culture.

Resiliency Training is the Key to Organizational and Personal Success

Resiliency is the ability to bounce forward in times of adversity and to see challenges as opportunities for growth. When we work in a world where change is constant and inevitable, resiliency skills are crucial. One study from PwC shows that  “initiatives and programs that fostered a resilient and mentally healthy workplace returned $2.30 for every dollar spent — with the return coming in the form of lower health care costs, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and decreased turnover.”

TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency training program teaches practical strategies for altering negative responses to stress. By focusing on resilience training, you can establish a thriving culture where flexibility and adaptability are competitive advantages.

The Benefits of Resilience Training:

  • Increased productivity
  • Employee wellness
  • More effective collaboration
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased employee engagement

Managing Stress with Resiliency

We all have stress in our lives, but stress doesn’t have to impact us negatively, and in fact, stress is a sign of a prosperous and fulfilling life. Many times the things that cause us stress in our lives are the same things that bring us happiness: our families, a fulfilling career, investments, home repairs, etc. Even at our most stressful moments, imagining life without these things is disheartening and would make for a rather boring life.

Removing the stressors from our lives is unrealistic. They keep us motivated and fulfilled, whether we always realize it or not. The key to a more energetic work ethic is through TRACOM’s Resiliency Training Model, which helps us understand our various biases that get in the way of our ability to view the constructive implications of stress as positive rather than negative.

Workplace stress has been on the rise for many years now. When people are feeling overwhelmed they are unable to cope with adversity and are often paralyzed by inaction. This decreases productivity and increases other organizational costs.

Resiliency training helps organizations cope with:

  • Workplace absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Navigating and integrating change initiatives
  • Effectively instilling and utilizing wellness programs
  • Ensuring manager and leader success
  • Advancing employee engagement and company culture
  • Boosting sales performance

Decrease Workplace Presenteeism and Absenteeism

Worker presenteeism is a fatal, hard-to-measure, consequence of on-the-job stress. Those who fall victim to presenteeism become so overly weighed-down by the stress experienced in the workplace that they become aloof and disconnected from work. Those who experience presenteeism find it incredibly difficult to focus on or complete a given task in a respectable time frame, causing their stress to increase and their inability to act even more troublesome – and thus, an unfortunate self-cycling process can spawn out of control, making a mountain of work seem unconquerable. When workers become defeated, productivity, effectiveness and engagement are brought to a complete standstill. Workers’ immune systems be compromised and will take over from here, causing them to become ill and legitimately unable to function at work.

Workplace absenteeism has become a serious problem for many companies. According to the American Institute for Stress, “A three year study conducted by one large corporation found that 60% of employee absences could be traced to psychological problems that were due to job stress.”

This means that cold that your most effective manager caught or that migraine that your lead accountant called in for was due to job-stress.

Being able to manage the way we interpret and react to stress is a unique skill that we are not trained for in either college nor in formal management or other interpersonal training.

While many people learn their own methods and tricks to cope with stress, this is no better than expecting your manager to be a great leader without any formal management training. The raw materials to be highly resilient are likely already there, but your employees need the training to realize their fullest resilient mindset potential.

Three fourths of employees believe that workers have more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. With the quickening pace of business it’s only natural that workers would feel this way, but the plans for business to slow do not exist, and in fact – the pace of business will likely only continue to speed up in the future. Lowering worker’s perception of on-the-job stress will cut the majority of expenses that cost businesses millions.

To learn how Resiliency Training can help your workforce tackle other business needs such as implementing change, enhancing wellness, or boosting sales check out the When to Use Section here.

The Results of Resilience Training Exposure

TRACOM takes the Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Model components and turns them into easy-to-learn, actionable strategies for enhancing our capacity to overcome stress.

According to our research, those who have experienced TRACOM resiliency training are 21% more likely to positively influence others during times of change, 18% more constructive in building a positive culture, and performs at a high level 16% more than their less-resilient peers.

Success without resiliency training is a hard-fought battle that most organizations are struggling with today. We often wonder why our competitors seem to clear every hurdle thrown at them with ease… the secret rests in resilient mindset training.

Resilience training has become a hot topic among talent development today and with the cost-saving benefits of an adaptive mindset, it’s no secret why! Utilize resiliency training as your newest competitive advantage today and take your workforce’s aptitude for success to the next level.

TRACOM’s resilience assessments and resilience training courses are based on the latest neuroscience research and emphasize practical strategies for the workplace. Learn more about these programs here.