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A recent study found that four out of ten newly promoted managers will fail within the first 18 months. 1Additional research shows that inadequate interpersonal skills are the main cause of leadership failure2 and that high managerial performance is directly linked to high interpersonal skills.3  Download a whitepaper about Interpersonal Skills and Managerial Performance.

Improving Managerial Effectiveness with Versatility is a family of products designed to teach the concepts of applying SOCIAL STYLE in a managerial capacity through a flexible set of teaching materials, classes, self-study guides and SOCIAL STYLE profiles. Organizations can choose the materials and delivery options most appropriate for their management development needs.

Versatile Managing is a process of using your knowledge of your own SOCIAL STYLE and knowledge of the SOCIAL STYLE of the people who report to you in order to manage in ways that allow your people to meet their style need as you mutually achieve your goals. Versatile Managing can help to increase the support and respect (social endorsement) given to you by your direct reports thereby making them more receptive to following you as a competent manager and trustworthy leader.

The application of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility concepts and techniques can help you more effectively do such things as delegate, give corrective feedback, increase the personal productivity of your direct reports as well as coach and mentor them to help them grow in their capabilities and increase their value to the organization.  In addition, Versatile Managing can help you to resolve, or even head off, unnecessary conflict cause by “interpersonal friction”

In order to effectively manage people with each of the styles in a variety of common situations it is imperative to apply the following competencies; communication, productivity and coaching.

TRACOM also offers products for Sales Professionals and for a Universal Audience.