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In any type of workplace interaction, strong interpersonal skills are very important. But for individuals in sales, the ability to effectively communicate with the customer and to gain their respect and confidence is absolutely critical.

To be successful with a client, a salesperson must first understand the customer needs and preferences, and then address them. Sales professionals who can adapt their selling style to the buying needs and preferences of their customers have stronger, more influential relationships with their customers.

Improving Sales Effectiveness with Versatility is a family of products designed to teach the concepts of applying SOCIAL STYLE in a sales capacity through a flexible set of teaching materials, classes, self-study guides and SOCIAL STYLE profiles. Organizations can choose the materials and delivery options most appropriate for their sales development needs.

As a result of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training:

  • 92% of Salespeople developed more positive customer relationships
  • 87% of Salespeople increased their ability to influence or persuade customers
  • 79% of Salespeople improved their ability to gain ongoing sales
  • 58% of Salespeople closed sales that they otherwise might not have

The application of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility concepts and techniques can help you throughout the sales process to more effectively plan and prepare.  This program will assist you in identifying the SOCIAL STYLE of your customers, how your style interacts with your customer’s style and the ABC’s of supporting your customer’s style need.

TRACOM also offers products for Managers and for a Universal Audience.