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Producing Results with Others OnDemand+

Item # PRO2005

This product is not sold through the TRACOM Online Store.  Please contact TRACOM Client Relations at 303-470-4900 (or 800-221-2321) for purchasing information.

Product Description

The Producing Results with Others™ OnDemand+ course is the most comprehensive SOCIAL STYLE® and Versatility course, combining both eLearning and a full-day, facilitated session. Participants complete an online multi-rater SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility assessment and complete a 2-3 hour eLearning session in advance of class. The facilitator-led one-day session emphasizes putting Style and Versatility skills to use in a variety of workplace settings and situations. The majority of the full-day course consists of role-playing exercises and application scenarios to master these skills. The combination of the online eLearning and one-day course provides learners with a highly personalized and satisfying experience. Facilitating this course requires certification.